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"What if I see you, and I don't know that
  you're my daughter, and I don't know that
  you love me?"

"Then, I'll tell you that I do, and you'll
  believe me.”

    - Lisa Genova, Still Alice -

Alzheimer’s disease – our story

Thank you for all the trouble you are taking to encourage medical aids (ours is Discovery) to recognise Alzheimer’s disease.  It is so good to know that someone is trying to understand the financial burden that this disease imposes on the family.  We get no financial help whatsoever and, as you say, this illness is probably the most expensive illness there is on account of the fact that medical aids fail to recognise it as a chronic condition.

Needless to say I will sign the petition and wish us all luck that it will be successful.

You ask for experiences:-  There are so many one does not know where to begin.  My husband has suffered with Alzheimer’s, to lesser or greater degree since 2001, perhaps even before then.  It has been a long uphill struggle, and only 9 months ago my daughter and I had to “let him go” to a wonderful local care facility.  We coped as long as we could, employing part-time and then full-time help but caring for him became impossible eventually.  My daughter who is severely physically disabled and lives at home became depressed.  I developed a heart condition (stress related) etc., etc. and was so tired that life really was hardly worth living.  I am sure you have many similar stories.

We have lived frugally, worked hard and saved for many years to provide a secure future for our 45 year old daughter.  Now capital (designated for her future) is being eroded by providing care for a physically fit 83 year old.

It would be a wonderful relief if Alzheimer’s was recognised as a chronic illness before so many of us, by providing good care for our loved one, deprive dependents of their future security.

If there are any good experiences for which you ask – it can only be that eventually the illness becomes benign and the patient sinks into a demon stress-free state.  We have been extremely fortunate in the residential facility chosen for my husband.  In my husband’s case he still retains a sense of humour and we do laugh with him not at him.  My daughter and I are recovering from the strains of the illness and hopefully there will now be a “life” ahead for us now.

Good luck with your very important project.  If there is anything I can do to assist you please let me know.



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