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"What if I see you, and I don't know that
  you're my daughter, and I don't know that
  you love me?"

"Then, I'll tell you that I do, and you'll
  believe me.”

    - Lisa Genova, Still Alice -

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Families need not face their loved one’s dementia alone

With approximately one-in-six people over the age of 85 developing a condition associated with dementia, and increasing numbers of younger senior citizens also being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions marked by cognitive decline, more families are facing the …

Less 15% on Day Care services at Livewell Villages

Day Care Special: Less 15% on Day Care services at Dementia Care Facility, Livewell Villages in Somerset West and Bryanston from 01 December 2018 – 15 January 2019. If you are a full-time caregiver, day care can offer benefits to both …

Tips for dementia caregivers

Very few people outside of the healthcare industry would have answered “caregiver,” when asked their dream career. It isn’t an option on the recommended career list or a career openly spoken about. Yet most caregivers serve out of love and …

Making the decision, caring for your loved one at home or in a facility

If your loved one is living with dementia and you are struggling with the decision as to whether it is better to care for them at home or to place them in a dementia care facility, we know that it …

Finding the best support for your loved ones with dementia

Families with loved ones affected by dementia understand how challenging it can be to look after them and provide the support that they need. All loved ones have the best intentions and that is to take care of their parents …

Caregivers neglect their own health in order to look after others

By Linda Carroll Each morning, 48-year-old Troy Prater starts his day by getting breakfast for his teenage triplets. On weekdays he checks homework and then hurries them off to school. Then it’s back home to take care of his mom, …

Home for the Holidays – coping and caring

For most of us, the holiday season is a time filled with family and friends, laughter and reminiscing, happiness and joy. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can change a joyous season into a time of stress, frustration, and …

It’s not always Alzheimer’s …

Delirium and depression have similar symptoms; follow the clues


If you or someone close to you is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, forget about getting help from medical aid – in most cases, it is simply unavailable. This is the stark reality in South Africa today that Alzheimer’s South Africa …

New Alzheimer’s pill more likely to cause misery, medical experts say

Aricept 23 mg, found to be ineffective and cause stomach upset, was devised to serve commercial aims and was approved despite a poor showing in company-sponsored tests, two medical investigators say.

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