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Medical aids not helping dementia patients

I have a parent who suffers from dementia,and the medical aide Medscheme ,after all her and my late father years of contributions have failed to honour her medication claims of about R800. A MONTH MAXIMUM.

I am thoroughly disgusted with medical aide schemes their rotten trustees and their poor administration.


6 Responses to Medical aids not helping dementia patients

  1. Hermann Hendricks says:

    I have come across the same issue with Prosano med scheme, now with Bonitas but still no contribution , and its only myself and father(73) who must make turns looking after my mother(73)..very difficult indeed, i admire my dad for doing this for her..regards

  2. Jeannette says:

    I am living overseas, but my in-laws who live in South Africa, both have Dementia/Alzheimer, I was shock to see that Commed Delux do not have this disease in their “tariff”, therefore none of their medication is paid for. Ebixa R723, Risperlet R366, Dormonoct R274, Urbanol R137, total R1500 per month, and when you think how long they have been paying into the Medical Aid Scheme, it is really disgusting. So the burden is left to the kids to pay.

  3. Sigrid Tilney says:

    Bankmed pays all my husband’s medication as chronic. However, because we live in a small town where the Home is not Registered ( you need to have a resident doctor to be registered) they will not pay for his stay there. If it were registered, they would pay up to R150 a day, which would be a huge help. I find that every month the cost of the nappied used for his incontinence increases, and will be another R1000 by June/July this year.

  4. STeven Nell says:

    My Mom has Alzheimers and I have experienced the same problems with Key Health Medical Aid. They don’t cover the disease on the gold plan. My dad contributed to his medical aid, for he and his spouse, since 1977. Medical Aids use their rules to justify their actions. My mom had to see a Psychiatrist to get around the system to get her medicines which are not on chronic, we have to pay R1300 a month for her meds. These medical aids are disgusting. When I phoned the medical aid, to question it, on my moms behalf, they asked to get written permission from my mom to question them on her behalf. I was shocked and told the consultant do you know what Alzheimers is.

  5. John McDougall says:

    My wife has Alzheimer’s and she is currently at the stage of shouting with a tendency of being aggressive. At one stage I was paying R2500 a month for her medication because the benefit ran out within the first six months, the Medical Aid would not assist in further payments, nor will it assist in any form of contribution to a Nursing Home or 24 hour home care. No contribution towards nappies. I have been a member of the Nedgroup Medical Aid since 1981. Just reading Steven nell’s comments on the Consultant, I am sorry to say people like the Consultant have just heard the word Alzheimers but do not understand what it is. It is very unfortunate that Medical Aids will leave you in the cold to watch your loved one deteriorate and eventually pass on.


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